Happy Birthday Liz!

The Unofficial Gilmore Girls Podcast would like to wish Liz Torres a happy birthday!

Liz Torres

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Liz!”

  1. GiLmOrEgIrLC
    September 28th, 2006 02:16

    Hi, This is Priscilla again, I just wanted to give my feedback on the season premiere. I actually thought it was “ehh” (meaning okay). I wish it would have had alot more confrontation of Luke and Lorelai. BUt i wasnt that disapointed, I really enjoyed Logan’s meaningful present to Rory, and I really liked how the car accident, made luke somehow realize that he was “losing” lorelai. Overall, it was a good episode, I’m just hoping that the next one will tie up more loose ends, like lane and chris. LUV U GUYS!

  2. Vintage212
    September 28th, 2006 18:09

    WHOOO HOO! Happy Birthday Miss Patty!

    September 28th, 2006 21:56

    i agree with pricilla, the premiere was ok. but i have a question, if lorelai loves luke as much as she says she does, shouldn’t she have been more emotional during the course of the episode? i dunno it just seemed to me like she wasnt that sad, which sucks becuase i love luke and lorelai together!!!

  4. gilmorelover93
    October 1st, 2006 15:59

    i just really hope that luke and lorelai get back together SOON. i dont feel like the show’s the same without luke & lorelai at least talking to eachother..

  5. gilmoreguru
    October 1st, 2006 22:19

    Happy birthday Patty!

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