‘Gilmore Girls – 7.04 – ‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous’

I have had it with these mother@#!*ing snakes on this mother@#!*ing plane! Mmmh, Candy is sweet… (Christopher too)! ‘I’m sick of him.’ (second that!) Emily Post says: ‘Mothers shouldn’t date their daughter’s fathers!’ Happy Luke – I hate the cap! Back surgery? – I mean: ‘How lame is that? V-E-R-Y lame!’ Use safety cones while handling big heavy bowling balls! What I’m trying to say: ‘Just be careful, ‘LOR’!’ LOveRocket, j’adore! Don’t Do Drugs! Nerds Need Nunchakus! Beware of the Badass Ballerinas! Alliterations Are Awesome! April is back and reading: ‘Call-Waiting for Dummies’! ‘Dormatory or Deathtrap?’ And they just keep on coming! Desperate-Rory isn’t desperate… ‘…the Sexy Shoes, the Sandals.’ I have had it with these mother@#!*ing alliterations in this… ‘Is that the special thing?’ – Only Lorelai can pull that off without being annoying! Lor & Chris, sitting in the Mustang, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! ‘Young man, I don’t know where that’s been but I can say with absolute certainty it won’t be going anywhere near my mouth.’ (This episode has been rated NC-17). 70’s-Prom-Tux, Trash-Girl & Skinny McSlim are genious! Safety cones, Lor, remember the safety cones! Coming this fall to a theatre near you: PJ April starring ‘The Bawd’! Emily ‘Mel Gibson’ Gilmore starring ‘DUI – Are you two on a date?’ and Skinny McSlim starring ‘A Woman Of No Importance (Or Girth)’! Rice-Rory calls back later – Ouch! Mum in jail Vs Barn movie – 1 : 0! Lor & Chris kissing: ‘Take the picture, take the picture!’

That’s it for this week! Make sure to tune in next week for: Logan, Paris and pink hair!
You don’t want to wait? ‘I don’t want to wait either!’

– Michael –

14 Responses to “‘Gilmore Girls – 7.04 – ‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous’”

  1. David
    October 22nd, 2006 10:57

    The Unofficial Gilmore Girls Podcast would like to introduce Michael. You’ll be seeing posts of his in the weeks to come.

    Michael has been sending in these great episode recaps to the show for quite a while now. We haven’t read them on the air because I didn’t think we’d do them justice. I really like Michael’s style, and I think you will too.

    Welcome Michael!

  2. hannise
    October 22nd, 2006 12:43

    Very random – but I liked it.

  3. mary159
    October 22nd, 2006 15:55

    I don’t get it all, but swell job Micheal!

  4. Vintage212
    October 22nd, 2006 23:14

    LoL I was so confused at first. But I like it! Welcome Michael! I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  5. lostwithoutlove101
    October 23rd, 2006 13:09

    hey micheal i also look forward to hearing ur comments

  6. lil phaarai
    October 24th, 2006 10:23

    hey.. i was a little bit confused, too. and actually i must say : i just don´t get it or maybe i get it and it´s just not my type of humor..
    well maybe i get the next one =)

  7. jellybean121892
    October 24th, 2006 14:19

    Hey Michael. Can’t wait to see your comments on the next episode.

  8. jellybean121892
    October 24th, 2006 14:23

    I think I got this right: You hate Luke’s new baseball cap. I agree 100%! It bugs me every single time I see him with it on. They better change it, it’s so annoying!

  9. mad4pandas
    October 24th, 2006 14:33

    that was hilarious, it seems like something Lorelei would like.

  10. _Banana_Slushie_
    October 24th, 2006 19:57

    Michael I love your episode recap! It’s so random and I love random. I’m not even joking, my friends are sometimes scared when I start talking cause I often talk about random stuff or laugh about the most stupid and random things. Can’t wait to read your next recap!

  11. jellybean121892
    October 25th, 2006 15:14

    Just today I found a new Gilmore Girls Podcast on iTunes. It reminded me how much I LOVE this one! The was only one rating, 1 star, and the writer said to just check out THIS podcast. All of the episodes are explicit, which reminded me how GilmoreGirlsPodcast.com knows that they have young kids in their audience and don’t use bad language. I decided to check out one episode, I downloaded it, and there was just a message saying “Please go to the podcasters website and make a small donation” I thought ‘NO!!’
    Thanks GilmoreGirlsPodcast.com, for being a free podcast, not using bad language just to make the podcast more dramatic, and having a great podcast every week. That’s why they have one star, and GilmoreGirlsPodcast.com has 4 1/2

  12. jellybean121892
    October 25th, 2006 16:11

    lol, just some things about the latest Gilmore Girls episode:
    Logan’s co-workers accents sounded sooo fake. They didn’t sound like they were from London. They sounded like they were in a Shakespeare play at some points. Logan seemed different and you could tell Rory wasn’t comfortable with it. They changed Luke’s baseball cap HALLELUJAH! Isn’t it weird how pickles were traveling in a train? Wouldn’t a pickle van or truck be better transportation?

  13. David
    October 25th, 2006 22:09

    I’m glad you appreciate our Podcast.
    Yes we do keep it clean because of the audience and because I don’t think you need to be vulgar to be funny or interesting. I tried to listen to that podcast you mentioned, but I got the same plug for more money. 🙁

    We produce/pay for the podcast because we love GG and love GG Fans!


  14. agnotis
    October 27th, 2006 16:19

    Gilmore Girls have been Pitchforked. Micheal should rate ep 1-10. good jobs guy

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