Sorry everyone….

We apologize for not recording any new episodes, but we have had a very hectic couple of months with the holidays, work, finals, and the loss of a loved one. Regretfully, we have decided to not continue with the podcast. We really enjoyed doing the show, but we have other commitments that must take a higher priority now. We still love Gilmore Girls as much as ever though. We will continue to maintain the website, so feel free to continue posting comments. We will also keep our phone line, so you can still leave messages. Periodically, we will release your voicemails as reviews of each episode. Thank you for your devotion to us. You guys have been great. We will try to do one last episode to formally say goodbye to you, but we are not sure at the moment when that will be. Thanks again and we hope you understand.

Dave and Alicia

109 Responses to “Sorry everyone….”

  1. Vintage212
    February 13th, 2007 18:46

    Hm..that gets me all confused! Ugh. 🙁

  2. Asher
    February 13th, 2007 21:59

    Couple of things.

    1. I want to start a new thread, my scroll bar thingy is almost so small my mouse misses it. haha.

    2. I am going to be honest with you all… I can not believe that Logan told Rory to her face that he finds other girls attractive, even if he said he loved her and wouldnt act on those thoughts it really bothers me. The reason being is my ex would tell me (more than occasionally almost weekly) that other women were attractive if not more than me. That ripped me apart, and I may be overreacting but that hurt alot, and I don’t think it was right for Logan to say that to Rory. Anyways, thats that.

    3. La-las were in this weeks episode, and I am so happy yet sad for Lorelai, you can tell that she wanted it to work for Chris, and despite all he has done, I feel a little bad, because he still ended up without his baby’s momma and high school sweatheart after 20 years.

  3. Vintage212
    February 15th, 2007 09:52

    Ugh don’t feel bad for him!! He was never there for Lorelei when he needed to be. He is a big jealous baby. Not to mention the fact and L&L are meant to be for eachother.

  4. Lorainee1213
    March 3rd, 2007 11:32

    I am so sorry for your lost. A family memberof mine Passed Away last year so i know how you feel. Just to let you know i love your podcast. I am with ya.

  5. gilmoreguy
    March 7th, 2007 13:32

    aww… im sorry
    i know how you feel.
    ill miss you

  6. gabs
    March 7th, 2007 20:38

    hey dave and alicia i am soo sad that you guys have decided to stop but am completely understanding. i just started listening to the podcast and was getting all cought up with ur episodes when i find out there arent anymore so im really sad and i miss you guys so much but i just needed another podcast just cuz once i have a gilmore girl podcast i cant do with out it. ok but anyway i found this other one by another yong couple and it was terrible i didnt even finish listening. anyway now im just waiting for the goodbye episode and i really hope that maybe u can kinda check in on us devoted fans every once in a while just to here more of ur opinions. anyway thanks so much for all of this.
    P.S. if u could post a picture of u guys that would be awesome i have really wonderd what u look like.

  7. ggloverno1cantop
    March 16th, 2007 20:51

    omg… i can’t believe i am actually crying…i am a farely new listener and i absolutely LOVE gilmore girls and the first time i heard ur podcast i fell in love w/ it u guys can not stop ur podcast…its the only 1 i won’t even just a little doze off while listening…tell me if there is anything that i can do to get u guys to do ur podcast again…by the way r there any awesome gilmore girl contests that i can enter in? thx u guys r the best

  8. Cass-a-role
    April 10th, 2007 15:53

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! This is the only podcast i like all the rest suck! I under stand why you are stopping i do hope thought mabey when things in yalls life slows down you can start back up. I really really do love yalls podcast! God Bless!


  9. LorlaiNLuke4ver
    April 13th, 2007 16:30

    this SUCKS! i loved the podcast. i’m happy you are keeping the web site! will miss you!!!!!!!

    (You have no idea how sad this is 4 me!)!


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