Episode #006

We talk about the newest GG episode 6.14 Youve Been Gilmored and some other cool stuff. Check it out!

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5 Responses to “Episode #006”

  1. SamRocks5487
    February 11th, 2006 12:26

    I just wanted to say something about Jess. I loved the fact that Jess came back earlier in the season and got Rory to come to her senses about what she was doing…living with her grandparents, dropping out of school. He knew that was not her, he knew she was chaning who she was. The is just one of the main reasons I like Jess, just thought I should share!

  2. Vintage212
    February 12th, 2006 22:47

    I agree with SamRocks.

    Another great podcast.

  3. somethincorporate345
    February 14th, 2006 16:56

    this podcast still hasnt showed up on itunes just to let u kno

  4. Vintage212
    February 16th, 2006 23:01

    I get mine through Itunes..and I’ve already listened to it.

  5. ismellsnow
    February 18th, 2006 15:01

    yes, i get mine through iTunes as well, and it’s usually right there, friday i think…

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