Episode #010

Learn all about Emily and Richard Gilmore.

emily and richard

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16 Responses to “Episode #010”

  1. Vintage212
    March 13th, 2006 21:10

    I think during the break you should do an episode about spoilers. There are SO many going around and it would be nice to have them all laid out and compared so we can figure out what is most likely coming up for the final season or the next few episodes.

  2. TimK
    March 14th, 2006 10:07

    Hi, Dave & Alicia. It was actually Edward Herrmann in the credits that first got me to watch Gilmore Girls. I’m a long-time fan of his work, and he plays the role of richard so well.

    Alicia, the “let Pennilyn Lott do it” moment you were thinking of, which you couldn’t remember where it was– You came so close! It was in “The Reigning Lorelai,” the episode where Trix dies. After Emily discovers the letter Trix had written to Richard, begging him not to marry Emily, and she stops working on the funeral, leaving Lorelai to do it, in one scene Lorelai tries to reason with her:

    LORELAI: Mom, uh…I know how hurt you are. That letter was terrible. But there’s still a lot of stuff that has to get done.

    EMILY: I know. You’re right. Say, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you call Pennilyn Lott and have her plan the funeral?

    LORELAI: Mom.

    EMILY: I mean, she’s the one that was supposed to be planning it anyhow, so I say let her do it.


  3. Java Addic
    March 16th, 2006 03:22

    I loved the comerical. I just found out that there are pod cast of Gilmore Girls. This is great.

  4. RoLolover
    March 16th, 2006 20:01

    SUCCESSSSSSSSSSSSS! i MADE IT IN TO THE Podcast! Sorry….im just really happy! I didnt think that i would get in! I loved the episode!


    p.s. the username is short for Rory Logan Lover! not the candy rolo’s….but i do like those!

  5. RoLolover
    March 16th, 2006 20:13

    OMG! I forgot the commercial! Was that you David? We have never met Al in GG on the show…we should!

  6. RoLolover
    March 17th, 2006 11:04

    What about Finn or Paris for the next episode!?!


  7. David
    March 17th, 2006 12:44

    You got it RoLo Lover.
    I’ll add 1 vote for Finn and 1 for Paris.
    Alicia’s keeping a good tally of all the votes.
    Keep’um coming!

  8. RoLolover
    March 17th, 2006 17:39

    Thank you thank you!


  9. mad4pandas
    March 17th, 2006 20:15

    Rory is Lorelie the third not the second just fyi

  10. mad4pandas
    March 17th, 2006 20:16

    I vote, Mrs. Patty, and Michelle(sp?)

  11. librarygrl
    March 17th, 2006 20:29

    I vote for Lane and Paris. Also, thanks for the Emily and Richard info. I totally enjoyed that episode because I ‘ve always been a big fan of Edward Herrmann. He was in one of my favorite movies: The Paper Chase. I highly recommend it :O)

  12. David
    March 17th, 2006 21:23

    You’re right. I noticed my slip up in editing, but I didn’t think anyone would notice. Good ear!

    Thanks for listening.

  13. RoLolover
    March 17th, 2006 23:45

    the spelling that you were unsire of for his name is Michel…same as yours but with no extra l or e!


  14. Pure Sweetness
    March 18th, 2006 05:13

    I found out about this podcast through a friend. I’m so excited that there’s a podcast about Gilmore Girls.And you both do such a great job with it! I vote for Paris & Sookie. I also agree with Vintage212 that you should do an episode during the hiatus entirely dedicated to spoilers and speculation about what’s going to happen for the rest of the season.

  15. RoLolover
    March 18th, 2006 17:53

    me too!


  16. Vintage212
    March 18th, 2006 23:09

    Okay so can I cheat and vote for like more than one person? Here are my votes:

    Michel *Spelling?*

    Oh..and the message boards are booming this week! Congrats!

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