Episode #019

Season 6 of Gilmore Girls is over! We discuss the depressing season finale Partings and go over our summer plans for the unofficial Gilmore Girls podcast. Download the episode Here (MP3)

For Veronica Mars fans, here’s a link to the Neptune Pirate Radio Podcast

18 Responses to “Episode #019”

  1. cookiedough10566
    May 14th, 2006 00:58

    Hey everyone! I really ify about the season finally!!!

    – 8-0 – Annessa O.

  2. mary159
    May 14th, 2006 07:53

    I loved this podcast, I totally agreed with everything you guys said. And I loved your ideas about the summer, I can’t wait for the triva questions to start! Great work! 🙂

  3. dustymag
    May 14th, 2006 22:18

    yeah, so i like the podcast a lot. it’s cool to hear some folks talking about my favorite tv show. GG is the only show i watch besides baseball. i love lauren graham. she may be the prettiest girl on t.v.!
    anyway, alicia, your take on lorelai sleeping with chris in the season finale as “luke deserves it” is completely off-base, hideously cruel, and insensitive. i am not a huge luke fan, so i’m not defending him at all for leaving her in the lurch for the whole season. but, i see luke as sort of a dummy who has no idea what to do in most situations that don’t have to do with food or construction. read:dope.
    he was trying there for a while to be a more emotionally rounded guy (with the self-help tapes), but it’s obvious he just isn’t smart enough to get it.
    that being said… so maybe they aren’t meant to be together. i think we can all swallow that pill. but, her completely screwing him over like that is unforgivable. i love the girl, but lorelai messed up! you could even see it in her face. and, i would be careful around any girl who said this was an okay thing to do, just because she didn’t get her way (again, hideous.)

    fun podcast. keep up the hard work.

  4. ofri
    May 15th, 2006 11:13

    DustyMag, there are more constructive ways of getting your point across than calling someone “hideously cruel.” I’d say you’re overreacting. Lorelai is a little screwed up, yes. I feel like the whole Luke relationship is her Max karma biting her in the ass. That being said, Luke is not a dope. He can be romantic and suave when he wants to be. As long as Lorelai was keeping quiet about her feelings, he was fine. As soon as she asked to be included in April’s birthday and slowly started easing her way into the situation, Luke turned vicious. Lorelai did not mess up. For once in her life, she was “all in.” She’s taken one emotional beating after another this season, just like Alicia said, and it was really sad to see her be so masochistic. That look on her face when she was in Christopher’s bed (same look she had on Sookie’s couch) was not one of guilt, but depression. She is sad and angry that she can’t seem to make a relationship work. That was my interpretation, anyway.

  5. cori
    May 15th, 2006 20:02

    i have to say, i was completely outraged at the season finale. unlike most of the other fans, it seems like, i cannot possibly accept that perhaps luke and lorelai aren’t meant for each other. i’ve always thought that they should wind up together. and honestly, i’m kind of sick of all the drama between them. so much has gone on that’s messed up their relationship, but i wanted it to all be forgotten about. i’m a bit of a sucker for happy endings. also, i feel really bad for luke. i mean, even if he hasn’t been treating lorelai the best, i don’t think anyone deserves to have their fiancee sleep with someone else.
    i was pretty upset by this season finale.
    but for the most part i agreed with what you guys had to say. i love your podcast. =]

  6. Vintage212
    May 16th, 2006 11:31

    I too was very disappointed with this season finale. I don’t think it was as much as a shocker as most season finales are.

    I know that Luke has been sort of a bad partner in his relationship with Lorelai, not letting her in and so forth, but I still would like to see them be together. I don’t think however that Lorelai had the right to sleep with Christopher. I’d be SO mad if I found out that that is what she did after having a fight with me, if I was Luke.

    Also, Alicia I don’t think you are hideously cruel and insensitive!

    I can’t wait until the trivia questions either.

  7. dustymag
    May 17th, 2006 00:56

    okay, i overreacted. but, i was very dissapointed in lorelai. i could have just waited for cori to say what she said, and just said, “yeah! right on!”:
    “i feel really bad for luke. i mean, even if he hasn’t been treating lorelai the best, i don’t think anyone deserves to have their fiancee sleep with someone else. i was pretty upset by this season finale.” lorelai reacted to luke’s indecision, as per advice from linnie. she got angry and sad and stormed off away from luke. she loves him. she’s talked to him every day for 6 years. and, she can’t find a way to express herself to him in a way that he would understand? or, understand him a little better? she’s smarter than that.

    if i offended that nice girl alicia, i’m apologize.


  8. Vintage212
    May 17th, 2006 09:50

    I do agree that they way lorelai was very childish. How is Luke supposed to trust her in the future, that if they get into a fight that she won’t run off to Christopher, the man that he ABSOLUTELY hates? I think he’s okay with the fact that he’s Rory’s dad and he’s always going to be in the picture, but come on..

  9. photobugjr
    May 17th, 2006 16:34

    I love your podcast!
    It’s the only one I listen to.
    What is the name of that website that you keep giveing th password: 11111 to?
    Please e-mail me!

  10. xXROLOfanXx
    May 17th, 2006 19:17

    hey gilmore fans! heres what i thought of the finale: unlike most people i actually like the episode. It was an all around good one. I especially liked Lorelai at friday night dinner with chris and Linny. Although i am totally sad with the luke and lorelai thing…well he did kinda ask for it (although he waited for her for 8 years…?) I do like christopher, however and would not be disappointed if him and lorelai got together (but we all know its L & L until the show ends) The final scene with Logan and Rory was HEARTWRENCHING! i cried really hard. it wasn’t that it was so sad (we all know he won’t leave/ be gone the whole time) but it was nice that they love eachother so much.
    Love the podcast!

  11. Vintage212
    May 18th, 2006 10:07


    This website features Alexis Bledel and talks about her hair style for the ALMA awards. It’s not hugely fascinating, but I thought you would all like to see it.

  12. darkmoon117
    May 18th, 2006 15:21

    Can you guys get a message board on here?

  13. 80sfan
    May 19th, 2006 14:52

    I have to say that my biggest qualm about the season finale had to be the WB’s promotion of the episode. With the exception of the final scene, they showed all of the major plot twists! And what made it worse was the fact that they ran the promo seconds before airing the episode.

    Unlike some, I actually enjoyed the all of the troubadours invading Stars Hollow, especially the guest appearance by Mary Lynn Rajskub (a.k.a. 24’s Chloe). I would really like to see this character return one day, checking into the Dragonfly and going toe-to-toe with Michel. However, I think the Troubadour Fest would have been better served having been in a previous episode and not competing with the season finale dramas.

    The Logan/Rory parting I thought played well, with a hats-off to the scene with Rory and Mitchum. I don’t think that anyone could disagree with Mitchum’s reasonings for sending Logan to London. Although I have to wonder how Rory would feel about him if he returned a changed man. I think part of his appeal to her is that he is a guy living on the edge, not afraid to take risks, and doesn’t take anything too seriously. (The complete opposite of herself.)

    Now about Lorelai, Luke, and Christopher…like most I have been disappointed with this season’s storyline. Mostly because of the reaction by Luke to April and in turn by Lorelai’s reaction to Luke to April, they just seem so completely out of character. I like April (she’s actually a mini-Rory). I like the fact that they’ve thrown the twist into the L&L relationship by her introduction. And I like the fact that April has not been shoved down our throats in every episode. What I don’t like is how the introduction of April has changed the L&L relationship. We know these characters. We love these characters. But I don’t think anyone really bought into the whole, “Luke not telling Lorelai about April” for as long as he did, nor Lorelai not tell Luke how she feels. It just doesn’t feel right. Neither does the presumption that Lorelai slept with Christopher. I for one am hoping that the beginning of next season will give us a Lost flashback as to what really happened, or, fingers crossed, didn’t happen (just like with the Season 5 opener with Rory and Dean).

    But I can say this, the Palladino crew sure knows how to stir things up and I have total faith that this was all planned long before the CW debacle that led Amy and Dan to slip through their fingers, and that David Rosenthal knows the path that will lead us all down the right road again. Sometimes it’s all about the journey as well as the destination. Either that or GG just jumped the shark.

    Just a couple of noteworthy items to make in case you missed it. It was announced this week that Milo Ventimigla’s (Jess) new show, Heroes, has been picked up for the fall season on NBC. Looks promising. Also Teal Redmann (Louise) made a return appearance on the season finale of C.S.I. I think it is high time we had another return of Madeline and Louise. I want to know what these two girls have been up to. Also the CW announced their fall lineup and I am thrilled to see that Veronica Mars has been paired up with GG on Tuesday nights. I think this is a smart move however it will force me to TiVo House, but I can live with that. It got thinking that a GG/VM cross over might be in order. I bet if Veronica had been living in Stars Hollow she would have been able to figure out that it was Jess who was stealing Babette’s gnomes. 😉

  14. ofri
    May 19th, 2006 17:03

    Pretty insightful comments there, 80sfan. I disagree with you about Rory not liking a changed Logan. I think she is drawn to his dynamic and fun personality, and his risk taking has rubbed off on her in a good way, making her more assertive. Becoming a more responsible person won’t change Logan’s personality, just his habits. When Rory first told Lorelai about Logan and how much she likes him she mentioned how smart and well read he is, and maybe his taste in music too, I can’t remember. Anyway I think those two really know each other and love each other, and London won’t change that in my opinion.

  15. somethincorporate345
    May 19th, 2006 17:09

    wow i can’t believe so many people hated the finale… i mean come on all season we have all been complaining about luke and now all you people are sticking up for him. I’m all for Lorelei and i hope Luke gets really hurt because he keeps hurting Lorelei!!!! I hate Luke and Lorelei together he’s such a child not her… I’m so for Lorelei and Chris hes so hot and way nicer that Luke will ever be. and tecnically they were broken up when she got with Chris but next season is so going to be like friends and the whole we were on a break thing.

  16. 80sfan
    May 20th, 2006 12:46

    Sometimes Luke can be so clueless, does he really think they are broken up? Lorelei kind of ambushed him with everything she has been storing up for months and months. He wasn’t given enough time to digest it all. And we know it takes Luke a little time to digest things. So I don’t think he considers them over. Even though she gave him an “it’s now or never” speech.
    Still even if Lorelei considers them over, she still should not have slept with Christopher minutes afterwards. If that’s in fact what happened.

  17. GGfan4ever
    May 20th, 2006 14:56

    Hi i have been listing for a while but this is my first post. I wondered if anyone else had noticed that both Rory and Lorelai went to psyciatrists this season, and both ended up crying and falling apart. These where the kinds of things that Rory and Lorelai used to talk about together, but they aren’t really having any “serious” conversations any more. Isn’t that kind of what GG started out about?? The wacky mother/daughter relasionship that they had. Now it almost seams like 2 separte shows. Rory and Logan, and Lorelai and Luke/April/Anna. They don’t even see each other that much, just phone calls. Maybe it is just me, but it seems a little weird…..

  18. Vintage212
    May 21st, 2006 12:00

    Okay, I think that all of the Lorelei fans have a right to be mad at Luke because he did make some stupid decisions concerning the relationship, and she’s had to wait for him for a long time. But..before they even got together, when Lorelei was dating all these random guys, Luke waited for her for more than 8 years. He waited for her. Yea..he’s been acting a little weird this season but you have to give him some credit because he DOES love her.

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