Episode #020

Jackson and Sookie
Join us in our Character Analysis of Sookie and Jackson a.k.a. Melissa McCarthy and Jackson Douglas.

Don’t forget to watch Gilmore Girls Episode 1.4, “The Deerhunters”. This is the episode we’ll be discussing next week.

Download the episode Here (MP3)

4 Responses to “Episode #020”

  1. Nicole
    May 29th, 2006 18:43

    I love your podcast! I hope you had fun on your trip to Nashville (that’s where you went right)

  2. Rebeccajill
    May 29th, 2006 19:15

    I loved this week’s show.

    Are you still tweaking/creating whatsyourdamageheather.com? Because there isn’t a Matt Czuchry link yet? 🙂 It’s a great site, either way.

    Y’all are great!

  3. David
    May 29th, 2006 21:09

    Ask and ye shall receive.


  4. 80sfan
    May 31st, 2006 13:12

    Kudos to another great podcast. I love these two characters and wish we got to see them more.
    Interesting tidbit about Alex Borstein orginally being cast as Sookie. I had heard this before but was not aware that this version of the pilot was available on the Season One DVD. I immediately dug out my copy but I can’t find where this is located. Help would be appreciated!

    I love to hear a podcast that dissects the men in Lorelai life.

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