Wahn doesn’t like Logan…

I mentioned in a previous podcast that I would post counter points to the opinions expressed in our podcast. Wahn sent in this email…

Alicia & Dave

Since I began listening to the Unofficial Gilmore Girls Podcast, I have been appalled by the otherwise sensible Alicia’s unabashed crush on Logan. He is (for reasons listed below) the most despicable, amoral character created by the Palladinos.

Among the negative character traits he has thus far exhibited, he has shown himself to be materialistic, insecure, jealous, glib, undependable, self-centered, cavalier, destructive, extravagant, reckless, brash, hypocritical, insolent, inconsiderate, condescending, and spineless.

What is with that distressed sports coat? Phuleese. It screams, “I’m a poor rich boy.” That alone would send Lorelei into paroxysm of one-liners.

The boy has thus far exhibited no socially redeeming characteristics with his extravagant, destructive behavior.

He is without conscience willing to let the help take the fall for another of his meaningless pranks.

The only reason he hasn’t dragged Rory down is because of his father’s money rescues him from his profligate ways.

But worst of all is unwillingness to step up and make something of himself. He follows his dad’s orders like a naughty puppy and can’t wean himself from the lifestyle. In contrast to Jess, Logan has the world at his feet. He has a Yale degree, the Huntzberger name, and life experience. Jess had nothing and yet Logan hypocritically mocked.

But he has served one purpose and that is to show the mundane, banal side of Rory. Maybe it’s in the genes or maybe it’s some perverse daddy complex but her attraction to Logan is inexplicable in light of her upbringing, her friendship with Lane, and the values she professed the first three years of the show.

The introduction of the Logan character by the Palladinos is a sad but probably true commentary on life.


[Plus an email from another listener, Claire]

I can’t STAND Logan. He’s really just a prissy rich boy who doesn’t have
to work at all. Before Rory came along, all he did was flit around with
other girls, doing basically nothing at the paper and treating people
like Marty like crap. Logan has never had to work hard and is therefore
missing out on a sense of good character that comes from actual WORK. I
do however think that the actor, Matt, does an excellent job at playing
him.Jess is the one who snaped Rory out of her dropped-out-of-yale-living-
in-hartford-party girl stage, so that’s why I like him better.


PS love the podcast

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34 Responses to “Wahn doesn’t like Logan…”

  1. mary159
    August 7th, 2006 20:23

    I totally respect your opinions, buy I disagree. I think Logan is the most respectful, considerate, and caring boyfriend Rory has every had. And while I don’t loathe Jess, Logan is jsut better for her now. I did like Jess at one point but I no longer think he would be good for Rory.

  2. GG_Lover
    August 9th, 2006 18:22

    You both have some good points here, but I think I may like Logan the best also. (Jess as a close second or maybe I like him more than Logan, I haven’t made up my mind). Dean was a good first boyfriend, but he was too clingy. I thought Jess let Rory have her space (yes, sometimes too much so) but he really did love her. Also, he opened her eyes to her whole dropping-out-of-Yale situation.

    Logan is probably the most mature of Rory’s boyfriends, however. And his money isn’t why he attracted Rory. He really cares for her.
    (But I hope Rory goes out with MARTY!!!)

    P.S. Great work on the podcast David and Alicia. But, it’s kind of annoying that whenever you mention Jess you say you hate him, he shouldn’t have been Rory’s boyfriend, etc. It’s a little repetitive after a while. (But don’t worry, I still LOVE the podcast! It’s my favorite!)

  3. napoleon29
    August 9th, 2006 18:43

    i think rorys boyfriends are just different.i dont think any are “good” or “bad” for her. its terrible to compare them because they are so unlike eachother and played different roles in her life. dean was the dependable and predictable one-basically the perfect sweet guy.jess was the bad boy gone tame, and i think rory needed that after dean, since he was just so boring.then she went back to dean because he was always there.now logan is sort of a mixture of the two.he’s spontaneous and crazy, but sweet.he makes mistakes and makes it up to her. i agree about him being spineless–he needs to get a job and life of his own without daddy’s help.

    i dont think shell ever get with marty because hes totally not her type.

    i think rory has more shopping to do before she picks her “one”.

  4. wahn
    August 10th, 2006 15:33


    I have to disagree with you about Logan being the most mature of her boyfriends. Although Jess abodonded Rory he has now grown to a point beyond Logan. Rory really blew it when she went to see Jess at his publishing house. He is far more mature than Logan, now.

    However, I am totally with you on Marty. HE is the one.


  5. Samjo77
    August 10th, 2006 21:36

    I agree completely! I hate Logan! He sucks! He’s so mean and stupid and prissy rich boy. I hate him! He’s rude and annoying! Jess was the best boyfriend Rory ever had! She should’ve gotten back together with him when he came back! I hate Logan! He’s a loser!

  6. Nina978
    August 11th, 2006 08:10

    No, a loser is someone who gets upset with his girlfriend when she doesn’t want to have sex with him. That moment with Jess and Rory was probably the lowest highlight of Gilmore Girls.

    As for Jess being “changed”, we never saw that. Am I supposed to believe that he’s lost all his baggage? I don’t think so. At least we’ve seen Logan’s progression and will see more in season seven.

    As for Marty,is he not allowed to be a just a friend? He just seems so reserved, like he would have no passion to fight for anything. At least with Logan, we’ve seen his willingness to do anything for Rory, even going to Lorelai for help when he knew all odds were against him.

  7. Vintage212
    August 11th, 2006 12:11

    I like Logan. I liked Jess too, but she just didn’t love him anymore. Case closed. You can’t live in the past. POOOF Logan is the future. Deal.

  8. wahn
    August 11th, 2006 19:24

    Jess was unable to love but finally said “I love you.”
    Logan was unable to love but finally said “I love you.”

    Jess went out and made something of himself when he had nothing.

    Logan has everthing and whines about have to do something.

    The one virtue everyone seems to think Logan has is his desperation to keep the one thing he might lose, Rory, if he is not careful. His desperate love is the only thing people cite as to what he has going for him.

    Marty has shown more character than D, J, or L.

    And yes, Rory loves him but is it the Emily in her that loves him or the Lorelai in her? I think we kno the answer to that.


  9. preppy&lovinit
    August 11th, 2006 20:41

    Here’s my opinion on the matter:

    Dean: A great first boyfriend. I was bummed out when they broke up on their three month anniversary in season 1. The second time around their relationship was good when Jess wasn’t around, but when he became a character their relationship went down hill. The third time around when Rory was in college and Dean was married, was not appropriate and Dean shouldn’t have been as rash about marrying Lindsey or as rash about cheating on her with Rory. Dean was probably the best looking of her boyfriends too.

    Jess: I honestly don’t care for Jess. I view him as an antagonist to the plot and didn’t enjoy his prescence on the show. He was disrespectful to the Gilmores’, his mother, and Luke especially even though Luke was helping his sister. When there was trouble he ran instead of trying to fix the problems. He caused Rory grief and stress when it was unnecessary. And what was with the antigravitational hair? It stuck up at freakish angles…too much gel.

    Logan: Logan seemed slightly immature when we first met his character on the show. As he and Rory developed a relationship they began to mature, until of course, the whole boat/Yale incident. When they got back together after the fiasco at Honor Huntzberger’s wedding their relationship was better than ever. Its really cute how he calls her ace, too. He’s pretty good looking too, except he seems rather short.

    *Marty- He wasn’t actually one of Rory’s boyfriends but he seemed really sweet and hard working. If he had ever dated Rory I imagine that they would have been the standard not- rich guy-dates-girl-with-rich-family. A cute but boring and predictable plot line.

    Well…I thought I’d throw my two cents in on the matter, so thats about it.

  10. wahn
    August 13th, 2006 02:37

    Personally, I think Rory should end up alone to pursue her career.

  11. roxygirl
    August 13th, 2006 04:18

    i think rory should stay with logan!!!!!!
    rory and logan belong together.
    he loves her and she loves him.
    and rory can pursue her career with logan it not like logan telling her to not have a career.He want rory to have a career he hate dit when rory droped out of yale!!!!!!!

    p.s. rory and logan have to stay together

  12. Pmanning101
    August 15th, 2006 17:11

    I believe at one point Jess was the one for Rory, but now it is not right. He is not the same person that Rory had dated, and Rory is not the same person that Jess had dated, because now they both are two totally different people and would not have the same intensity to their relationship as they did.

    So, Rory being her new self, is totally compatable with Logan. She truly loves him and that is obvious because in Rory’s previous relationships, the boy has been the one to start the flame, but with Logan, Rory went out and got him because she truly loves him!

    Yes, Logan does have his downsides, but they are all in his personality. You can look at them in a good way, or a bad way. For example, you could say he is Inconsiderate. Or you could call that Outgoing. It all depends on how you want to look at it. And, obviously, Rory sees that in the “outgoing” way. All of the things he does is what truly makes him so cute! So, to conclude, I would have to say, at this time, Rory and Logan are meant to be together!

  13. gg_girl
    August 16th, 2006 00:15

    is that the same wahn from starshollow podcast?

  14. wahn
    August 16th, 2006 17:32

    Why yes it is. My fame is spreading far and wide?

    Pmanning101 said, “Logan does have his downsides, but they are all in his personality.”

    That makes it worse. People don’t change. They can fake it for a while but they don’t change.

  15. freckleface
    August 18th, 2006 17:05

    Wahn,I respect your opinions, but the fact that Logan is wealthy does not change the fact that he loves Rory. And personally, I don’t think he’s spoiled. Though he does have some expensive things, have you met a wealthy person who doesn’t? Logan tends to use his money for things like gifts for Rory, which I think is very nice.
    Though I will admit he can be reckless, Logan is a better boyfriend than Jess and Dean. Dean slept with Rory, and then got angry at her when he had to deal with the consequences. Jess always paid more attention to his needs than to Rory’s and didn’t even think to tell her when he was going to see his father.

  16. wahn
    August 18th, 2006 22:29

    Whether Logan loves Rory or not is not in dispute. He loves her. Everyone loves her.

    But as for being spoiled, what was he reaction to going to work? It’s one thing to have a lot of stuff if you’re rich but do you take it all with you to college. He has more toys than Rory’s rich dad.

    He’s been a better boyfriend than Jess or Dean? Where was he when Rory had to go to court? Why did he act like such a jealous baby around Jess? Why did he embarass Rory. Why hasn’t he found something to do with his life rather than be daddy’s lap dog?

  17. GGfan4ever
    August 19th, 2006 10:58

    I think that at each point in Rory’s life the particular boyfriend she had was the right one for her. Dean was sweet, that much is true, but no way could he have kept up with Rory on an academic level. Rory needed someone she could talk to and “debate” with about her books, and Jess was the right person for that. But i never liked the way he treated her and that kind of cancels out the smartness thing. Logan is a combination of both Dean and Jess’s better qualities, hes both sweet, caring, and smart. Although i think i would always like to see her with Marty, right now i think that Logan is right for her and the places she is going.

    P.S. I agree with Pmanning 101…..his downsides are part of who he is and why he acts the way he does….nothings going to change that.

    BTW, do you know of any person who doesnt have some faults?? Some people just have more than others, or maybe more obvious ones. I think that Logan needs to grow up a little, but he is right for Rory.

  18. gg_girl
    August 20th, 2006 15:05

    Wow, it is Wahn from starshollow podcast, your insight is so amazing. i am glad you can spread it to other podcast about gg.

  19. wahn
    August 20th, 2006 18:13

    gg_girl, Thanks. And now you can tell jon & cara I’m always cranky, not just with them.

    Yes, everyone has faults but are those faults going to cripple your life with someone else or the ability to make yourself happy?

    Obviously Rory is not enough to make Logan happy. Until he separates himself from his dad he is still likely to have the need to go off and risk his life. I doubt Rory wants to live like that.

  20. wahn
    August 21st, 2006 22:35

    Interesting too that Alicia has not stepped up to defend her vaunted Logan.

  21. gg_girl
    August 22nd, 2006 13:25

    lol, good point, but i think she’s out of town

  22. David
    August 22nd, 2006 20:13

    Relax. Alicia chooses to voice her opinion through the Podcast.

    This post and attached comments section is for you to voice your opinion. It is not the place Alicia is likely to get in to a back-and-forth with one of the show’s fans.

    Alicia does not have time to type out a rebuttal to every comment one has on this website, nor does she have an hour long podcast twice a week so as to read every comment and piece of email received.

    Hope her not responding doesn’t offend.

  23. wahn
    August 23rd, 2006 02:25

    It’s not offending but, after voicing such outspoken opinions it does not create a dialogue with her listeners.

    And without some counterpoints it’s just a voice in the wind.

  24. gg_girl
    August 26th, 2006 23:21

    I hope that David’s comment about the hour long podcast twice a week wasnt a dig at starshollow podcast because i think us gg fans should be thankful for two great podcasts with different views.

  25. wahn
    August 27th, 2006 01:37

    I second that.

  26. GG_Lover
    August 27th, 2006 11:10


    You do have a point that Jess is now the most mature of Rory’s boyfriends. Back then, though, I don’t think he was more mature than Logan. Now he definitley is more mature, at least from how he was before. But in the seventh season she should take some time off of boyfriends (unless it’s Marty).

  27. wahn
    August 27th, 2006 14:15


    Most definitely.

    However (and I don’t like to read spoilers) I’ve gotten big hints that won’t be the case. I’m sure the romances keep most of the viewers coming back.

    I’d like an episode where the just walk around town and get into funny conversations with all the inhabitants we know and love.

  28. GG_Lover
    September 4th, 2006 08:23

    I’d second that; too much drama. Though in past episodes they did stuff more like that.

  29. wahn
    September 4th, 2006 13:30

    GG_Lover, What ever happend to that other podcast, that shall go nameless here?

  30. gg_girl
    September 5th, 2006 17:33

    i remember on the last episode they were gonna be busy with their church group and stuff but i thought they would be done by now.

  31. wahn
    September 7th, 2006 01:49

    The Rapture maybe?

  32. gg_girl
    September 7th, 2006 16:33

    lol, yup got to fight off those demons

  33. xocpopox
    October 11th, 2006 16:58

    OMGGG AHHHHHH HOW CAN U SAY THAT!!!! he is aso sweet,a and loving, and thoughtfula nd so many other things, and the perfect boyfriend for rory!! goshh.

  34. joe
    October 21st, 2006 11:03

    Logan’s character is more layered and complex than his haters make him out to be. Writing him off as little else but spoiled, shallow, spineless, arrogant, etc is to see only the surface of his character. I think one should look into his family life and the relationship he has with Mitchum before judging him. He has made it clear in several episodes that a preordained Huntzberger destiny awaited him, one of the “perks” that go along with his Black card. He probably never had to–never was able to–make a choice about what he wanted to do with his own life. And so I see his brashness and recklessness and complaining about his father as the only means he has to enjoy what little freedom he truly does have (indeed, Rory has more freedom than he about her life direction). Certainly, he can just step away from Mitchum and say NO! I don’t want that life! But it’s not easy to turn your back on your family, on your father, no matter how much you hate how he has dominated you. I feel that any son would want his father to be proud of him, and Logan knows that his father sees him as a disappointment. Hence, his conflict regarding whether or not he should go to London (which now, we know that he did). That doesn’t mean he is a lapdog; that means he is trying, really trying, to grow up and step up to his responsibilities to his family.

    I think he and Rory are truly well-matched in spirit and intellect and love for each other. One may never fully understand Rory’s love for someone like him…but that is the point. She has accepted him and forgiven him, flaws and all. And Logan has changed enormously in his lifestyle because of Rory.

    Bigger picture, I think Rory ending up with someone like Logan–someone clearly from the world of Emily/Richard and not Lorelai/Stars Hollow–is sending a message. That Rory, in the end, is able to bridge and live in the two worlds of her mother and her grandparents.

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