Episode #030

Scott Patterson
Check out our Character Analysis of Luke Danes, played by Scott Patterson!

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Be sure to email in your favorite Rory moments for next week’s podcast.

Mark your Calendars because on Tuesday September 26th the new season of Gilmore Girls starts, and in the meantime you can grab the Season 6 DVD on September 19th!

18 Responses to “Episode #030”

  1. Em
    September 4th, 2006 23:42

    hey… I’m just commenting to say that one of my favourite Rory moments is when she recieves her first kiss and says “thank you”. I always thought that that moment was cute….I’m writing to also say that i have recently just discovered your podcast and I love it! Thanks for your guys’ awesum work!

  2. Vintage212
    September 5th, 2006 00:12

    That doesn’t even look like him it’s so weird! That was a good podcast, I’m sooo glad to be able to listen to it again, i missed it. Thanks for answering my question also, about when the season 6 comes out on dvd.

    P.S.-I just realized this tonight. With this being the final season of gg, I’m sooo going to miss this podcast and both of you! I’m going to be so sad when it’s all over.

  3. Nicole
    September 5th, 2006 13:50

    Good podcast! I [[still]] love the show.

    Just to clear something up, Season Seven starts Tuesday the 26, the 27th is a wednesday =]

    keep up the awesome work!

  4. mary159
    September 5th, 2006 16:41

    Hey, greay episode you guys! I’m super pysched for the new season.
    And I wanted to wish an early birthday to Dave and his dad.
    Also, I am couple days after all you guys. My birthday is September 13. 🙂

    great work!

  5. Alicia
    September 5th, 2006 16:49

    Oops sorry guys….I typed the wrong date on our show notes. Thanks for catching it!

  6. Vintage212
    September 6th, 2006 17:21

    Ooh yes. Happy birthday to Dave!

  7. hladell10
    September 6th, 2006 22:13

    just an FYI
    people can log in to http://www.cwtv.com and click on the state they live and then choose there town and it will tell u what station GG will air.
    love the podcasts.

  8. gilmorelover93
    September 7th, 2006 16:35

    hey! i love your podcasts. for my favorite Rory moment, i have to say that her & Dean’s first kiss was one of my favorites. I think it was so cute how she said thank you after. okay, well anyway, keep up the good work..bye!

  9. David
    September 7th, 2006 17:30

    Thanks hladell10,
    Great find!

    Here is the direct link to the map.

  10. wahn
    September 9th, 2006 03:23

    It was my understanding that Luke was inserted into the show when the studio thought there should be a man included among the main characters in a cast that was virtually all female. The diner was orginally going to be owned by a a woman.

  11. GG_Lover
    September 9th, 2006 13:12

    Wow, I can’t believe my comment made it on the show! Thanks guys! Great episode by the way. I think L&L are meant to be together, because all the way back in the very first episode of GG, Lorelai asks Rory if Rory thinks Luke is cute. To me, that foreshadowed a relationship.

    One of my favorite Rory moments is when she does that big jump in the Life or Death Brigade. It shows that she isn’t just the shy quiet girl everybody knows, but someone who is willing to take risks.


  12. jellybean121892
    September 10th, 2006 20:44

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone caught the season 7 promo of Gilmore Girls. If you didn’t, check out http://www.youtube.com and search ‘Gilmore Girls Promo’. (YouTube works on every computer, I believe.) So far, there are 2 postings of it, (it’s not very clear, because both were video taped off a TV.) If you are rooting for Luke & Lorelai, you’ll be happy because of something Luke does to Chris. Unfortunatly, not a lot is shown about Rory, and there isn’t one shot of Logan! 🙁 He isn’t even talked about. It’s good otherwise.

  13. gilmoreguy
    September 11th, 2006 11:46

    myyyyyy favorite Rory moment is when Lorelai made Rory put suger on her toe and lick it off in the 6th season.. ahhah i love it…

    (uh mon)

  14. Pmanning101
    September 11th, 2006 17:08

    My personal favorite rory moment, and I have let’s say, more than a few, is she beats Paris to a question on i think it is (correct me if im wrong), the second day of school. As rory said it (again, correct me if im wrong) “her face was shades of purple”.

    My second favorit moment was at the grandparent’s second wedding when rory and logan were dancing and logan said “your special” and rory was like, “like stop eating the paste special”? i thought that was so funny!

  15. copperboom08
    September 11th, 2006 20:45

    My favorite Rory moment is when she and Lorelai visit Harvard. rory begins to worry that she hasn’t read enough books when she finds out how many libraries there are on campus and how big they are. I guess this wasn’t a very important moment over all in the show, but I liked it because I could relate to it. I also love this quote.

    LORELAI: You’re kidding.
    RORY: There are no jokes in the mental-health field, only hand puppets, inkblots, and inflatable anger bats.

    Great show!!


  16. Vintage212
    September 12th, 2006 20:50

    I agree with Pmanning101. I love the convo of: “Your special”, “Like stop eating the paste special?”

    Hilarious. I’m sure there are more that I love, but I can’t remember right now. So I’m gonna have to go watch all the season again! 🙂

  17. jellybean121892
    September 16th, 2006 19:31

    There are so many good Rory moments, it’s hard to choose. One of the many moments that I liked was when she had her first kiss with Dean in Doosey’s and then she ran to Lane’s house with the corn starch.
    Rory: I got kissed! And I shoplifted!
    I think it’s weird how she’s iffy about people having babies and stuff. She hated when Sheri went into labor and she didn’t want to be there, and when Sookie went into labor, she kept closing her eyes. Have they ever cleared that up. like an experience or something?

  18. hayley
    October 9th, 2006 20:02

    I have to say that my favorite moment/quote from GG is when Lorelai is talking about what cool words “Oy” and “Poodle” are and she says “Oy with the poodles already!”

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