‘Gilmore Girls – 7.08 – Introducing Lorelai Planetarium’

STASAP, SLAMM and HDTV! American-Rory is wearing PJ’s at one post meridian! OMG! Logan is back… again! Abnormal is the watchword! Post-Snails and Pre-Launch! Bobby – The Dude! London-New Haven: 8h 40min Vs New York-New Haven: 1h 20min – ‘New York is so much closer than London!’ Heartless-Gilmore & Eye-Candy-Huntzberger! Gossip-Luke fights grizzly bears! Purple-Nardini’s first Boy-Girl-Party: ‘No juggling allowed’! Eat your broccoli… and your snails (No euphemism intended)! Gorgeous little black dress and the apron is cute too! ‘Married-Married? That’s SO great!’ I hope they got a dog license! A party with Rockefellers & construction problems! Walk three blocks? – Get me a limo! A lot of kisses for Rory tonight! Oh stop, you’re being annoying! Rory is networking (‘It’s certain people meeting certain people!’) 1001 messages! ‘Qu’ils boient des Cosmos!’ Rory insults Rich-Trust-Fund-Kid but isn’t paying any rent! An Inconvenient Truth: ‘You suck as a dad!’ Christopher messes with Mother-Daughter-Relationships and Lorelai speaks from the bottom of my heart! ‘Lynn Hirschberg meets… someone really mean!’ Judgmental-Rory completes the circle! April is really hot! Appendix-Transplantation and Ring-Spotting! Logan & Rory compliment & love each other! Rory moves out with Henry! Parisian-Rory would have wanted to talk (her out of it)! Lorelai is certain! The ‘Gilmore Girls’ are still the ‘Gilmore Girls’! And they are happy! Paint it pink and more HDTV! C.K. & Tracy are happy – George is flipping channels!

And next week I’ll tell you a story of birthdays, babies and knitting townsfolks!

– Michael –

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  1. jellybean121892
    December 22nd, 2006 15:51

    Whats going to happen for Gilmore Girls Podcasts One Year Anniversery? Its coming up January 10th! Happy Holidays Everyone!

  2. lainey
    December 29th, 2006 02:51

    Hi Dave and Alicia!
    I’m glad you two are ok and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have been checking for weeks for a podcast or an update from you on what’s going on, and just found Alicia’s message that you are both alive but busy. Just missing your take on the most recent episodes. I’ve been a listener for a long time now and love your podcasts! I agree with most everything you say, including the annoying Aerie Girls. I don’t listen to a thing they say anymore…
    Also, I just wanted to comment that I am missing the old Gilmore Girls humor as both of you have mentioned, and the “la-las.” I think the show used to be way quirkier and have tons more pop culture references or “Gilmore-isms” as they call them in the dvds, in previous seasons. Those quirky moments and fast talking scenes along with the pop references are what got me hooked on the show in the first place and I am really starting to miss the Palladino writing team!
    Anyway, take care of yourselves and that puppy and enjoy your holidays! Oh, and you both do a great job on the podcast which is why so many of us are missing you and looking for the next one!
    🙂 Elaine

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