Podcast coming soon…

Please check back soon. Until then please help us get started by purchasing the first 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls.

2 Responses to “Podcast coming soon…”

  1. ismellsnow
    February 14th, 2006 22:55

    buy seasons one and two! trust me they are worth it! timeless! also, the gilmore girls soundtrack isn’t bad either-

  2. Cherrygirl13
    March 27th, 2006 21:53

    I love all the seasons on DVD. They are so convienent. They have great extras and it’s nice to have the “Gilmoreisms” to follow along with so you know some of the culture references they are talking about. And you dont get tired of watching them. I bet I’ve seen the first season like 4 or 5 times. They are definitely worth the money.

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