Gilmore Girls Season 6 DVD info!!!

The release of Gilmore Girls Season 6 on DVD has been announced. It will be available on Tuesday, September 19th! You can read all about it here. (Keep in mind that most stores sell new releases at a discounted price on the day they come out, so make sure to buy this season on that Tuesday to save some $$$!)

4 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Season 6 DVD info!!!”

  1. Nicole
    June 1st, 2006 13:30

    oh yay! hopeflly i’ll remember to buy it

  2. 80sfan
    June 1st, 2006 13:55

    I don’t know why they wait until just before the new season begins to release the new DVD sets. It makes it a little hard pressed to have a GG marathon before the first new episode.

  3. Vintage212
    June 6th, 2006 08:53

    I’m so excited! I just wish it was a closer date!

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    July 23rd, 2006 10:02

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